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thrash straight

okay okay i'm gonna start posting in this thinger regularly,

so yeah MTAX news:
we got banned from playing at the holly bowl for being to awesome all i gotta say is "fluffy bunnies" and everyone fears MTAX bowling skills ... we were the first and last thrash band to ever play there i'm proud

we should be recording our demo on sunday the 7th, a day after my b-day

held at knife point our buddies released a demo, it's so fucking awesome, duck island are working on there's ... i'll ask if we can make a 3 way split cd-r, maybe add a few more locals on there if i get permission

we should be playing an all night new years eve show that should roxorz, i'm not sure with who or where, but i'll keep you 2 people who care posted

we're working on new songs, so you should notice differences in set lists if you know us well enough, they will all be faster, all be harder, all sound better, and all pure fucking straight edge thrash, so be scared bitch!

Christmas times coming up, so make sure you all get your family and friend's somethign nice, and be sure to send me dentures and hearing aides for my birthday,i'm getting old, the big two-o, and i'm literally almost deaf in my left ear, too much thrashing and fastcore

i love you all, xxx thanks everyone who joined that i don't know, soon we'll send you demos and you too shall be deaf
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