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two new songs
one's like violent pacification era dri
one's like power violence to the extreme, making fun of locust fans and their tight pants
we got a show the 24th
probly one on the 16th F.A.D.D. record release
hopes of starting basement shows (that don't suck) are in the works prepare for a non-emo friendly place of thrashage
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yes dude... give me more infos on the shows sometime... its been too long since i've seen an mtax show, more than like one and a half songs (gay grand slams) i'll IM you sometime soon
the new songs are amazing
thanks soo much dude
i almost forgot how much fun playing shows with you guys was, like i didn't care almost everyone else left before common enemy even played, you guys made that show so fun
we definately need to do it again sometime soon
i went to the show on the 24th and you are right, the new songs are amazing.