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talk boy demo out now !!!!!!!!!

thee very first talk boy thrashcore demo ever recorded is soon to be released
and as you imagine the sound quality is MAGNIFICENT, well horrible, but it sounds like a shitty demo from the 80's, maybe we should lie and say it's some japanese band from the 80's
in any event
i only wish to make like 8 of these things, but everyone who asks for one within a weeks time will get one, if you give me like a buck or two that'd be nice, i don't have any blank tapes around so yeah, but other than those donations they'll be free
we WILL have another demo out soon, good quality "better than a talk boy !??! impossible!!!!" you say, no it's quite possible, so for anyone who lives farther away who awaits the greatest talk boy demo ever recorded (filled with awful jokes no one will get) i'll mial that out with a cd-r of the real deal
by the way the album is called the
"super fun happy thrashcore talk boy demo sessions tape" (but you must say "super fun happy thrashcore demo sessions tape" in your worst japanese accent you can pull off

check our site www.mtax.cjb.net for updates, we should be posting talk boy demo sessions in mp3 format fairly soon, and then we'll be posting the real deal soon after that, lyrics should be added soon, i've been lazy sorry

3 shows we've had aren't likely to happen
27th one has been bamboozled, because the kid who's throwing the show, mat one of my best friend's band broke up, so now he has no power over the show and i imagine we're not on it anymore, at least to my knowledge
28th one with duck island i think fell through because duck island don't really have power over what happens, i hope to play with them soon tho
and 28th one with vitamin x also fell through because we asked to play a lil too late, blows for us tho cos we could have played if we knew about it earlier, i truly don't i can request this day off this little in advance but i hope all of my friends can go and see the amazing vitamin x from holland, STRAIGHT EDGE CREW!

sooooooooooo if anyone wants us to play, particularly on a friday we're down for it
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