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Elitist Hardcore Assholes

your mom

Edgers Bent On Destroying You and Yer Stupid Scene
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this community is made for the band more than an x, i hope the community will include posts on the band while also covering other issues on well about anything.

for edgers, thrashers, and asshole hardcore kids.
625 records, 7 seconds, 80's hardcore, 80's thrash, 97a, affirmative action jackson, aqua erotica, aqua teen hunger force, atari, bad brains, ben's penis, bettercore, big american party, black flag, blaster master, bold, burn your bridges, camels, capitalist casualties, chain of strength, charles bronson, clean cut, clerks, clerks cartoon, copout, cr, crispus attucks, crossed out, crucial unit, cut the shit, deathreat, down in flames, dri, dropdead, ds-13, duck island, elephant man hardcore, epileptic terror attack, faith, fastcore, fugazi, futurama, gayrilla biscuits, goats, gorilla biscuits, government issue, grindcore, gxlxw, haymaker, hellnation, heresy, homestar runner, i hate you, i love ostriches, ill repute, infest, jfa, judge, kids in the hall, king neptune's adventure, larm, life set struggle, life's halt, making fun of bruce, meercats, minor threat, mongolian speed metal, more than an x, mr. show, municipal waste, negative approach, new jersey hardcore, nintendo police, no comment, plutocracy, power violence, scholastic deth, scot baio army, sea lab, seein' red, septic death, side by side, simpsons, slap a ham records, soa, society of friends, space jam, spazz, spitting teeth, ss decontrol, straight edge, straight youth, sxe, tear it up, thadius, the fartz, the gatecrashers, the necros, the neos, the rites, the runnamucks, the skeezicks, the state, think i care, thrash, thrashcore, tiger hand held games, time flies, upright citizens brigade, video games, virginia black lung, virtual warrior, vitamin x, void, what happens next?, xfilesx, xxx, youth of today